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let your gentleness be evident

be gentle

Be gentle.

How often do we hear that phrase?

Hardly ever…

Our culture implores us to be bold, to be brave, to be successful, to be brilliant, to be excellent…

What about gentle?

Mostly, what about being gentle with ourselves.

I am now 33 weeks pregnant and I often find internal dialogue with myself, anything but gentle.

Yesterday, I was tired from a speaking engagement the night before and a radio interview in the morning. I had a two year old running around my feet, I had someone coming to be mentored, a pile of washing to boot and in the back of my mind ‘What possibly could I make for dinner that is inspired?’.

As I walked the washing out to the line, (rephrase: waddled the washing out to the line) I found myself tired, overwhelmed and so not wanting to hang out this heavy load.

I wasn’t gentle with myself, I was heavy worded, I was disheartened, I was tired.

As I stood at the line, hanging out three loads of washing, I reminded myself. ‘You are in your third trimester, you are doing your best, you are enough.’.

That change in inner dialogue, changed my whole perspective of that very moment.

Someone who is so used to getting twenty five things done in a day, was proud of getting the washing hung.

Somedays, just hanging the washing out and making a great environment in your home, is enough.

We need to be gentle with ourselves.

I love Philipians 4:5

It says this;

‘Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near.’

To All.

That means everyone.

That means you.

Be gentle with yourself.

Especially in the days that follow a really big moment in your life. A big project finished, a task completed that has taken months, a conversation that was really intense.

Be kind and nurture that precious heart of yours.

Be gentle, tomorrow is another day.



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