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I am so aware that I am living in unwritten days.

Those quiet ones before a big change occurs.

I have been quiet of late, if I was completely honest a little fearful, a little doubtful and lots of thoughts.

I have been preparing myself for a new person to enter our world, but at the same time feeling grateful for time to process big transitions.

I have been writing my next book a lot more lately, but that means I have been a little quieter on the blog front.

I’ve also been spending less time online and doing my best to be more present for my family who are also feeling the pangs of change in our midst.

A new chapter in our life is about to be written.

I can feel deeply it’s potential and also feel afraid of it’s unknown.

Always seeking
Nearly trusting
Beautifully resting

Life as I know it is about to be undone again.

Excited and Terrified!


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