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Little Foxes

fox 4

I am a product of broken sleep.

Some nights at the moment I may wing a four to five hour reprieve from my 8 week old, but most nights she is demand feeding every two hours.

The haze is ever present but across the board I am handling the transition okay.

Except for one little detail.

It’s a small one.

A tiny one in fact.

But of course the old proverb is totally true.

Catch the foxes for us, the little foxes that spoil the vineyards, for our vineyards are in blossom. (English Standard Version)

or a translation that says…

It’s the small foxes that ruin the vine.

foxes 2

Little foxes.

Little annoyances have been getting to me.

The dishes that pile on the sink, after I have just finished a load.

Toilet paper that is not refilled on the roll late at night.

Rubbish piling in my car.

Little foxes.

That test my patience and make me roll my eyes in frustration. Most of my frustration is directed at my partner. My love. My man.

Little things.

Mid eye roll last week, I felt a strong check in my spirit and it was this…

“What if you used reverse psychology on these little things.”

For example.

When I came to the toilet and the roll holder was empty, what if I made a game of it and was stoked that I was the one that got to fill this missing link.

As I washed another dish, what if I thought about all the things I was grateful for…Like how hard my husband works for my family, like how the water feels as I wash the dishes, like how the tree’s move just outside the window that overlooks our sink or thinking about my friends who desperately want a family to wash dishes after.

I have waged a war on the little foxes in my family home.

There are a couple of stories in my world, where wives have lost their husbands unexpectedly and I am sure they would give anything to wash one of their coffee cups, just one more coffee, just one more glance, just one more hand to hold.

I believe strongly that it is the little foxes that ruin our vines of love. We eat slowly away at the foundation of our relationships when we allow the little things to grow and fester and slowly eat away at our hearts.


Is your flatmate annoying you?

Does those noises your husband makes at the dinner table irritate the living day lights out of you?

Are you sick and tired of washing clothes again and again?

Do you hate the house you live in and are desiring a change?

Maybe change your perspective whilst doing these everyday things, remembering that there is someone else, not very far away, wishing they had the very things you despise.

Each and every onesie I hang, I pray for dear friends desperate to fall pregnant.

Each and every coffee cup I scrub, I pray for family who are longing to fall in love.

Every toilet roll…no actually they still really annoy me and I’m working on that one.

The little foxes.

They spoil the vineyard.

Why not wage a war on the small with me?

Speak Tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Little Foxes

  1. Amen. I was encouraged reading this. Thank you. You captured my thoughts exactly.

    1. Thanks for reading and your encouragement

  2. Not sure how I missed this one but wow! I sure did need to read that. Glad the fox picture grabbed my attention and I went looking ????

    1. Im still working on it too. XXOO

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