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comfort is my enemy

Comfort is my arch nemesis.

We were friends when we were younger, when I needed safety and comfort to protect and nurture my growing personality. As an adult though comfort has become my enemy and he will do everything in his power to stop me from achieving that which I long for.

My need for comfort always battles with my desire for change. I’m addicted to his snare.

I have two goals for this coming year;

One: to loose my baby weight.

Two: to get my latest manuscript published.

The only thing that will stop me from achieving these things is my need for comfort. My addiction to my old friend.

Comfort says; ‘Stay on the couch with me, watch a movie.’

My goals say; ‘Go for a walk, turn the TV off, write, email, hustle, hustle.’

comfort 2Comfort says; ‘Stay in bed where it is warm, safe and predictable.

My goals say; ‘Get up early, start the day well, use any time you have to chip away at the mountain of tasks.’

Comfort says; ‘Just have a bowl of ice-cream it wont hurt… don’t email that publisher because they might think you’re harassing them.’

My goals say; ‘Make small wise choices, be bold and courageous, start living the life you have dreamed of living.’

This year I am waging war on comfort.


He is no longer welcome in my house.

Change will never occur if I am always seeking to stay in comforts zone.

What is your arch nemesis for change in 2015?

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