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Making something beautiful with no purpose.

Flowers Hayley's wedding

Flowers are my guilty pleasure. I have a husband who finds them completely pointless because they die so quickly. I however feel flowers rather than see them. The beauty of these pointless creations change my whole demeanour. When they are in my house, I see them when I wake in the morning. I watch them as they change and grow. I feel their beauty in my tiny little shack.

Their pointless creativity changes my mood and perception.

My husband often says “Wouldn’t you prefer me to spend the money on jewellery?”

I reply in my mind “Yes, but… Can’t I have beauty that is momentary. Even if it doesn’t last. I want to be surrounded by beautiful things that have no purpose but to just remind me of colour, life, detail, intricacies and inexplainable things.”

Creativity with no purpose.

You know the drawings that confuse you but you still feel something but can’t describe it.

Those moments when you write a poem that it is never going to be shared anywhere but it is breathtaking.

Pages and pages of writing in my journals that no one will read except me and my God.

Those whispered prayers asking for nothing but speaking volumes in the space between our fear and faith.

Creative inspiration for no reason.

Opportunities to create beauty without consumerism.

Riding our bike through our small town collecting willow ears and letting them fly.

Kites that fly over our beach with no-one noticing except the birds.

Secret moments in your local area that are forgotten because of our busyness.

In a world that has become so focussed on producing creativity for purpose, what if we reunited our souls with opportunities to create for no other reason than because you were inspired.

As a creative soul, don’t become so obsessed with the crowd and acclaim, obsessed with who is buying or who is liking, why don’t you try creating again for no other reason than because it is beautiful.

Bring beauty back to your creative space.

It could be the very thing that changes your life.

Enjoying moments that are not shared with anyone.

A bunch of flowers that dies in just a few days, but as they lived in your everydayness they bought beauty and expectation to your ordinary.





5 thoughts on “Making something beautiful with no purpose.

  1. Thank you for the reminder to bring back beauty to the creative space and to worry less about ‘producing creativity for purpose’. I needed to hear that today.

    1. Thankyou so much for your encouragement Melinda. I put a candle on my desk tonight for this very reason. Happy writing.

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  3. Thank you for this. I had forgotten that I started writing because I couldn’t help myself, and writing makes me happy. It’s so easy to forget that that is more than enough. That is the point.

    1. Thank you so much Jennifer.

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