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Embracing the stretch of your season.

These last few weeks I have been feeling an internal stretch.

Maybe it is the fact that I have been on a whole food journey and have cut out processed goods but I kind of think that there is something more than just this.

In fact, I feel like the realignment of ‘my food as fuel theme’ in my health world, has been shifting the clarity of my view for the next season.

It is funny that something as simple as cutting out sugar and junk, has brought clarity to a fog and a energy to stand strong moving towards our future as a family.

I was watching my son this morning playing at the park and I felt these words echoing around my head.

‘Embrace the stretch of the season.’

Embrace it.

I have realised often the stretch in the current season, grows our capacity for the opportunity in the next.

If we lean away and refuse the stretch, the weight of the next responsibility, the courage for the new and the grace for better days becomes so much harder.

As Autumn shifts to Winter, so does our seasons in life.

What is stretching you in this season?

Are you embracing the stretch or refusing it?

Are you allowing the season to grow you or shrink you?

Are you stuck in a season thats gone by and cannot find the grace in this one?

The stretch in my season, is telling myself no, when I want to say yes.

The stretch in my season is working hard, when all I want to do is lie on the couch and sleep.

The stretch in my season is to stop myself from talking bad about someone and believing the best.

The stretch in my season is to pick up my bible and read rather than watch Netflix.

The stretch in my season is to watch a podcast full of great perspective, help and truth, rather than watch the news.

The stretch in my season is to turn on some great music rather than have the news declaring calamity in the background of my morning.

The stretch in my season is to save money, rather than spend. Ready for the new that is coming.

The stretch in my season is to hang out with people who inspire and motivate me to be everything I can be rather than people who complain, moan and bitch.

This is some of my stretch.

Honest, vulnerable but essentially the truest part of me.

How about you?

What is your stretch and are you embracing it?

As we look out on the field of possibility for the new season in our days, what is holding you back from growing?


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