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Day 6: Arrange a Dinner with a group of people this month

P71001856. Arrange dinner in the city with a group of people.

I know I kind of believed that my husband would knock on my front door someday, or I would have this crazy story where we both meet randomly and he would be instantly amazed by me.

The reality is, we just used to hang out with each other, in a group with many different people. After church, we would go to a restaurant and we would eat. We would chat. We slowly got to know each other, with no expectation from either side that we would eventually become an item.

How often do you hang out with groups of people?

How often do you meet new people?

Do you go to work, come home, hang out with the same people every day, each weekend?

Old ways won’t open new doors!

You need to step out and create opportunities to meet new people. Organise a dinner and get everyone to bring a plus-one, somebody who is not already taken. Organise a barbecue for no reason other than just to hang out with people.

That is your task for today; create opportunities to meet new people.

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