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day seven: spend time in nature


7. Go spend time alone, somewhere in nature.

George Santayana said, “The earth has music for those who listen.”

If you struggle to find time to be alone, maybe you struggle with the whole notion of your thoughts and the way being by yourself makes you feel.

Maybe you don’t, maybe you are just busy.

Whether you’re just busy or whether you struggle with the thoughts that arise as you sit in a space of silence and aloneness, we all need to settle in a space where we are okay with just being.

The habit of contemplation, the habit of simply being, is not an easy skill for our tech obsessed and over stimulated senses.

I live less than twenty paces from the ocean, yet I struggle to walk out into nature and allow my thoughts and life to breathe.

Will you commit to finding an hour and going into a space of nature and allowing the thoughts to just come?

To soak up the view, to bathe in the beauty of nature and make a habit to just be.

To rest.

To love your messiness.

To be.

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