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day 12: Book a session with someone

P910000612. Book a counselling/ mentoring/ pastoral care/ chaplain/ life coach session.

I believe we all have something deep within us, that hasn’t yet been expressed. A secret, some thoughts, some unmet expectations, some desires.

We have seasons when we have let go and other seasons when we feel completely overwhelmed, but I have always found in my walk, there is always something new to learn about ourselves.

There is a simple psychology principle called the Johari window. It is a four-paned piece of glass that sheds light on how we see ourselves and how others see us.

If we were a window, with four panes, we be been seen in four different ways.

1) Things we know about ourselves that nobody else knows (eg secrets).

2) Things we know about ourselves that everyone knows as well (eg I have blue eyes).

3) Things about us that others see but that we have no idea about (eg a fault).

4) Things that we have no idea about and no-one else does either; only God knows (our purpose, potential, future).

I have always found it useful to take time to sit with a professional, whether it be a life coach, a counsellor, a chaplain, a psychologist, a priest, a nun, a pastor, a leader.

Taking time out to share your heart and ask for reflection.

Why don’t you book time to do this sometime this month and simply start to talk about what is being brought up in your internal world.

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