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Day 14: Go to the movies


14. Go to the movies by yourself.

For most of you, I bet this is not a big deal, but for me, I hated going to the movies alone. There was something about sitting in a big old cinema, feeling lonely surrounded by other couples, and groups of friends and family chatting that made me feel even more alone.

The summer when I faced this fear and I have just swum in the river upstream, against the tide of people and popcorn, I felt like I had overcome the world.

Going to the movies by yourself might not be a biggie, but what is?

Buying a house by yourself?

Shifting out from your family’s home?

Travelling to Europe?

What is the sacred cow, that you will not sacrifice until you are tied?

Maybe it is time to do that very thing you fear. There are many things we can do without needing someone by our side.

Be brave, dear friend.

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