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Day 15: Write a journal to your future self.


15. Start a journal for your future husband.

One of the greatest ways that I processed the despair of my waiting was continually finding ways to keep my heart hopeful.

It sounds a little random, but during the times I felt most despondent, the days that I thought I would never get married, the days I thought I would never have children or a family, I wrote.

I wrote in a book.

Some journal pages have been since ripped out, because honestly no-one needed to read them, but most of them I found myself writing to my future husband and reminding myself of all the things I believed that one day would come true.

On our wedding day, I woke up to a tree. A beautiful sterling silver tree, covered in little cards and notes from my husband to me on our wedding day. Precious little encouragements to remind me how much he adored me and I gave him a leather parcel containing a gathering of letters and journal entries, musings on days when I believed he was far from reality, prayers about him wherever he was, moments waiting to meet him and continue on our lives together.

Some people might think this is a little desperate and I’m sure some of you are thinking, “what if I never get married?”

I believe that if it is a desire of your heart, I believe if it is a dream, I believe if it is a deep longing, that it will indeed be fulfilled.

I will believe that for you, even on the days that you cannot believe it for yourself.

I believe that God delights in giving us the desires of our hearts.

Writing and speaking out those longings is a great part of building your faith and belief too.

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