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Day 20: Cafe Conversation about self care.


20. Cafe conversation; self-care.

When I write the words ‘self-care’ what is the image that first comes to you?

A weird ritual from the self-help section of the Library?

Something a psychologist says in passing conversation to sound intelligent?

Self-care is simply a list of nurturing things that make you feel loved and well. Each and every one of us expresses love in a unique way and receives love in different ways as well.

As a single woman, it is easy to stop caring and loving ourselves because we are so busy trying to escape the feelings that often overwhelm us.

Write a list of things that make you feel loved. Here are some ideas:



Dinner with friends



Jobs ticked off a list


Deep conversation

Then organise to have a coffee and conversation with a good friend about these things.

Sometimes all it takes is a conversation that matters to open up your heart to the possibility of loving differently and extravagantly.

How can you love yourself more?

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