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Finding the hidden spaces

Last Christmas launches in cinemas today

I have a whiteboard in my office, that over the last few months I have been using as inspiration for goals, dreams and miracles in my life. It seems really basic, but writing up the prayers, intentions and scary leaps of faith that are in my everyday life has been a powerful tool for focus.

I stand in front of my scribbles on this big whiteboard and I pray about what is happening at the moment. In the middle of this white space of words, right now it says two words;

PeaceFULL Christmas.

It has a big circle around it and then I have listed out all the big projects that are taking up space in my mind. It’s like my brain is emptied out on a big piece of paper and somehow it helps me to remember what is important in the midst of a crazy season.

Peaceful and Christmas don’t normally sit together in my vocabulary. Joy and Christmas pair together quite well. But so does exhausted and Christmas as well.

Most years I end up having a disagreement with someone and often it is because of unmet expectations. I am a Christmas junkie, someone who likes to put up my tree early and watch Christmas films each night. With this passion though can come to a sense of control and loss of control that brings my walls crashing down.

Christmas is messy and I am learning that messy can be a trigger for my emotions and the chaos in my mind.

What does a peaceful Christmas look like to you?

Last week I saw the new film “Last Christmas” directed by Paul Feig and co-written by Emma Thompson. There was a whole heap of a family dynamic in this plotline and Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones) stars as Kate the main character.

Shes walked the journey of illness for a long time and she has all but given up on happily ever after. She meets a sojourner along the way who is looking for a little bit of Christmas peace as well. His name is Tom and he said one line that held me captive for the rest of the film.

“I seek out the hidden places”

As he danced Kate through London, showing her secret laneways and clues to find inspiration in the midst of our daily lives, he whispers and tells her to “Look Up”.

Proverbs 3:2 says it this way;

“walking in wisdom infuses peace into our lives”

Proverbs 3:17 says;

“Wisdom paves a peaceful path through life.”

Proverbs 15: 18 helps me by suggesting;

“Our words can speak peace into conflicting circumstances.”

The ending of this film is just delightful and reminded me of the power of community at Christmastime. As I walk into this season with 40 days to go to Christmas, I am reminding myself that peace walks hand in hand with wisdom.

I will seek out the hidden places in my heart and continue to look up for strength and fortitude. Taking the time to believe the best in those around me and to look after myself with safety, so that I can reframe the crazy that can surround us sometimes, by remembering that boundaries are an important part of growth and discovery.

Peace I am looking out for you this Christmas.

I am leaning into the wisdom found in remembering that I am not my own, my heart is fully surrendered to Him. Wisdom asks that I take the time to reflect and slow down in the way I respond, to stop in the midst of challenge and look up, seeking out the hidden places within.

2 thoughts on “Finding the hidden spaces

  1. A beautiful reminder to seek peace despite unmet expectations, despite exhaustion, and despite our rushing and hurrying. A lovely reflection on this pre-Christmas time. xxx

    1. Thanks so much. Yes trying to breathe into the moment and remind myself of the purpose of this season. ??

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