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Living a life that inspires others.

StrawberriesThe one word that describes my business philosophy is;

inspire (verb)
1. fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.
2. breathe in (air); inhale
The word inspire means to breathe life into. It is a divine interaction that brings life and hope with future potential into ones everyday moments. Over years many different people have inspired me with creative innovation. As I have watched people grow and develop I have been overwhelmed by the beauty that they are bringing in their own unique way.

I absolutely believe everyone of us has a unique signature that we can bring to the world and it is in this place of purpose that light and love are accelerated.

I have been using a hashtag #inspire15 with the year ending on it (inspire14 etc). The whole intention behind this hashtag was to inspire others with what they are doing creatively, to be a source of hope for each other, to get out and just have a go.

Over the years of seeing people use this tool to encourage one another free from comparison and competition, I have realised a simple principle’s in business.

  1. There is enough room for everyone.
  2. There is enough inspiration and creativity available for everyone.

I think we sometimes act as though there is only a certain amount of information available for the small elite group who have the courage to reach out and act on their business dreams.

There is not. I promise there are enough customers, enough opportunities, enough ideas for every single one of you.

As I walk into the final week before our Inspire 15 retreat, I wanted to interview some of my amazing entrepreneur friends and ask them great questions about creativity and business.

Questions like;

What is your Greatest lesson/ failure you have learnt in business?

If you were to encourage someone just starting out in your field of expertise what would that be?

Attached in the e-zine I have interviewed twenty entrepreneurs, some our business owners have over 100,000 followers on Instagram, some of them have started amazing online social projects, they have published books, started psychology practices and some are very new.

So go grab a cup of tea and Click this link Online Magazine to download this E-zine that I have created with some my favourite Creative Business Entrepreneurs. (Open it up in ibooks on your ipad for optimised reading results.)

I hope you are as inspired as I have been.

Happy Days my friends


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she guards her heart above all else

Shoalwater Island
Shoalwater, Penguin Island

We went for a big walk today, to shake off the mornings cobwebs. Even though we walked far and wide, we knew our way home, as it was a path we have walked many times before.

The path a well worn part of our weekly routine as a family. Along the way is our favourite park, little sights and sounds we have grown to love, in fact we can talk the whole way and not ever get lost, the path leads us home.


One of my all time favourite proverbs is this one;

Proverb 4: 23 Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.

Do you feel confused about the path you are walking in your life?

Are you unable to find the path that leads you home?

Instead of looking for directions towards your purpose or dreams, wisdom would ask you how is the state of your heart?

Another version of this proverb says that “our heart is the wellspring of life.”

It is like everything we do, everything that we are and everything that we long to be, flow up and out of the artisan spring of our heart.

If we are full of anger and bitterness, it flavours and impacts our direction and life.

If our heart is clouded by pride and arrogance, it shrouds the potential of the course of our days.

If we have not processed grief or strife it changes the tone of our days.

Sometimes the impact is not felt in the immediate season, but as we orientate ourselves towards the designs of our future, we start to venture off course.

Our heart and its condition impacts every single area of our life.

It affects the people we meet, the friends we make, the opportunities that come our way, something so small can filter the entirety of our being.

A woman of wisdom knows that the internal voice that leads and guides her needs to be retuned every so often.

A woman of leadership knows that she needs a group of safe and deep friendships that she can keep unpacking and processing the hardening of her heart.

A woman of strength is vulnerable enough to speak honestly about the condition of her internal world and ask for help when she needs it.

One of the greatest pursuits of my days, is to filter, process and work through that which is getting a little stuck in my internal worlds.

It reorientates me back to the path that sometimes feels overgrown and hidden, giving me a sense of direction towards the days I was designed to live.

I think finding the path again is as simple as getting quiet, meditating, reflecting, talking, processing, listening, thinking, finding, seeking the condition of our internal worlds, then slowly the course of our days becomes very clear.

The proverb goes on to list ways that our hearts easily become compromised;

Keep your mouth free of perversity; keep corrupt talk far from your lips. Let your eyes look straight ahead; fix your gaze directly before you. Give careful thought to the paths for your feet and be steadfast in all your ways.”

If your path seems unclear, today’s thought would be this, why don’t you dig a little deeper and look at the condition of your heart?

It may just reveal more than you expect.

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creative boom

This video is super inspiring. Reminds me so much of my story.

Have a go and do something that you never thought you ever could.

Love it

Lisa is much further along the journey than me but I have just downloaded her book and can’t wait to get into her creative discovery process.