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One of the greatest lessons in life and all things creative, is developing patience to wait for that which we are longing for.

Waiting is one of the hardest parts of our everyday human life.

Waiting for those dreams to arise, waiting for that partner to do life with, waiting for that perfect moment to capture the beauty that escapes as quickly as it arrives.


What are you waiting for?

Do you feel frustrated in the wait?

Are you allowing it to stretch and grow you?

I know these questions are so frustrating but when you find the answer to them, maybe part of the angst will subside or not.

Waiting is painful, it promotes growth and stretches our capacity to places that we never knew were possible.

I know the things that I have waited the longest for are the sweetest of victory and the greatest of pursuits.

It is worth waiting for that which is best.

The wait is worth it.

Whoever, you are who is questioning the wait, take it from me, it is worth it in the end.

I promise.





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