When tenderness is required and all I want to do is scream

Tuesday morning came quicker than I expected this week. As I got my little boy ready for school, I was delicately dancing around the subject of ballet with my two-year-old. Shall we go to dancing today? I already knew the answer, but I was opening up the conversation to give her the opportunity to talk. Read more about When tenderness is required and all I want to do is scream[…]

unsteady; ten life hacks that I have been building into the scaffold of my week.

Eight weeks in and I have been to the gym each week on Wednesday morning. It has become my ritual, my reward and I finally feel like it is an anchor point to my week. The last eight weeks have also included, selling a house, buying a house, travelling to speak at a women’s conference, Read more about unsteady; ten life hacks that I have been building into the scaffold of my week.[…]

she finds focus

Just this last Sunday, my husband and I were sitting in church and as I listened (intently, of course) he leaned over and whispered, “I think we have both become a little ADHD.” I smiled, but I knew what he was referring too. We were both sitting listening to the sermon, flicking between instagram, facebook, smiling Read more about she finds focus[…]

Make her laugh…

  Today I wrote a new piece on kinwomen.com “Make her laugh…it might just change everything”. “Our hearts were not designed to be overwhelmed by a tide of words that pull down and tear apart. Our souls were not created with a tenacity to overcome the bitterness and severity of opinions that are so freely shared. Read more about Make her laugh…[…]

The power of your story

I’m not sure whether it is because we go away in a few days on holidays or whether there is some subconscious message but I am obsessed with all things coconut right now. Coconut water, coconut milk, coconut oil… Fresh, summery, health conscious and clean. You may be the complete opposite to me and coconut Read more about The power of your story[…]

friend forrest

Transitioning seasons of friendship

Seasons come Seasons go. My Instagram feed at the moment is full of  beach shots, icecreams and fishing spots but tomorrow the sun will be setting earlier, the brown leaves will be crunching our pavement and autumn will sneak across our small screens. Before we even notice the season shifts but we are still acting Read more about Transitioning seasons of friendship[…]

Two clicks from the sea

Even though we live two clicks from the sea, each and every day when I look out my kitchen window I stare at a grey, boring, ugly fence. Good morning, hello fence. Olive trees awash the sky behind it and each new day become my forecasting friends. Bendy trees equal ‘Stay inside weather’, swaying trees; ‘it’s Read more about Two clicks from the sea[…]