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Another world

another worldCritics may call me idealistic but just as Arundhati Roy says I believe that another world is possible.

A world where people are treated equally, a world where women don’t compete with each other and tear each other down. A world that allows a child to be just that, yet transitions them into adulthood with clarity and purpose.

I do believe that a better day is present and available, but it is mostly inhibited by the way we think.

Our thoughts and our imagination not only shape our own destinies but those around us.

Have you ever been awakened to the reality that the reason those closest to you mimic your thoughts, is because your perspective is powerful.

Racism continues to thrive because we allow it to take root in our minds and conversations.

Judgementalism causes decay because in some little ways we think we are more worthy than another for our little piece of the pie.

Our minds and the positions we hold strongly in them about others, causes so much more than stagnation in our everyday.

We pass it on to those closest to us.

Our children are a product of our thoughts.

Are you seeing self deprecation and self loathing in your child?

Its very possible it was birthed from you.

Are you seeing pride and envy, jealousy and strife brewing in those closest? then it is very likely that your mind is battling with the very same thing.

The way we treat others in the private space, is the way our children learn to treat others also.

In my imagination though, I see a better day. I see a bright and beautiful day, I see a generation of people rising up who are not consumed with themselves, but with others.

Where their innovation and their creativity is used to better our society rather than their own facebook profile.

I see a better day.

I imagine it often.

How about you?


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focusWhat do you spend your days focussing on?

A big question.

Many people I meet who are struggling to recreate into the future focus a lot on the negative.

Many people I meet who are struggling to see potential into their future are stuck in a place of why haven’t I?

What we allow our imagination to focus on, creates the paths we travel on.

Do you keep driving around the same roundabout in your mind?

What are you focussing on?

Do you struggle to turn down that road that leads you to a new day?

Where is your focus?

Focus is a necessary part of our everyday life.

What you focus on, will lead you towards or away from the things you desire.

Our imagination is powerful, because our imagination is the engine room of our minds.

See you tomorrow


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It’s a noun.

It’s the shortest english word with all five main vowels.

Its greek definition is;

A well mind or commonly translated as ‘Beautiful thinking’.

There have been many days in my past where my mind could not be described with the word eunioa.

Worry, jealousy, bitterness and regret have plagued me and therefore my imaginations for a better day have been seriously impacted.

We often struggled to dream of better days for the future because our minds are not subject to beautiful thinking.

Ways that I have learnt to change the things I dwell to much upon.

1) Stop myself.
2) Fill my mind with thoughts about productive things.
3) Write down my thoughts and try to find perspective.
4) Talk over thoughts that bombard me with a friend or counsellor to seek perspective.
5) Find a one sentence scripture or thought that is life giving and think on that over and over.

These are just a few short opportunities of how we can rearrange our thinking but one of the main ones I have found, is reteaching my mind with good new thoughts.

Most eastern religions would tell us to empty our minds.

I don’t know about you, but no matter how much I meditate, unless I’m meditating on something worthwhile I fail. The very thing I am trying not to think about comes back and hounds me down. Each time I have tried to empty my mind it is full with other thoughts. I think our brain was disigned to think about good things, not nothing.

My son is a perfect example, as he learns more about the world around him, if I tell him he cant do something, it is a perfect storm where he wants it more than ever. As a mum the only way I can draw him to good and safe things to play with is by distracting him. If I just tell him no. He wants what is bad for him more and more.

We are the same. Our minds were designed to be consumed with something.

The question is, are our imaginations profitable or devastating.

Till we meet again.


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do what you love!

do what you loveOne of the greatest awakenings I have had since I stopped working, was how much of my life I lived Adrenaline addicted.

My stress levels in my previous job were off the chain and maybe parts of that were the job, others the culture, others addiction to peoples approval and more. I have loved exploring life and my self perception in these last eighteen months of unemployment and I have been rediscovering what I truly love.

I realise many people don’t have the liberty of doing this and working just to cover the bills and mortgage is a necessity but imagine if we all had less stuff and did more of what we loved.

What is it that you love?

What is it that you dream of doing?

Imagine that.

Yes imagine it.

Life is so much more than about things. If you stopped buying and started thinking, if you stopped consuming and started reflecting, if you started engaging rather than viewing…

Imagine what your everyday could be.

Let go of what others think and start to live what you do.

Do what you love.



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Broaden your horizons

lebanonEvery time I travel, I feel like my brain, imagination and heart are enlarged.

I know it is an extreme privilege that I get to travel, one that is not afforded to many many people in the world.

Yet I often meet people who have to capacity to travel to distant lands, yet do not.

Sometimes it’s fear, others it’s comfort, for some it’s laziness and others they just plain need to let go of their need to control.

Exploration is not a means tested reality anymore. With the internet and its amazing capacity to show us every part of our continent we can travel also from our own lounge room. The key to partaking is a willingness to be curious.

A few years ago now I travelled to Lebanon. I stayed in a small village on the border of Israel and Syria and it was one of the most awakening experiences of my life. It is a part of the world that not many people have the privilege to travel to and the family I stayed with are so special.

This morning whilst wandering through social media one of my good friends posted this and memories started flowing.

Every new experience that we encounter, creates memories and opportunities for our imagination to draw upon at a later date. Our minds are like massive visual libraries, full of rows and rows of memories, experiences, encounters and feelings.

Allowing ourselves to be ever curious is one of the greatest tools of an innovative soul.

Are you curious?

Do you explore?

Do you jump at the opportunity for a new adventure?

If not, the unlimited potential of your imagination has less to draw from.

Have a great day